Howdy there!

It seems you've seen my user agent in your server logs.

Courtesy Pethr CC BY-SA 3.0, at Wikipedia

What is this thing? is a hobby experiment that involves indexing the IPv4 address space, to help answer a question that came up one night at the pub. It was also a good excuse to brush up on my high-performance C++ network programming.

Is this security research?

Nope, not at all. It's more of a market research thing, if even that.

Are you port scanning?

No. I'm making completely safe, plain old HTTP requests on port 8000 only, and should not be hitting your server more than a couple of times for now. I'm also not following hyperlinks, so this is not a web spider.

Are you using up my bandwidth?

Probably not, since closes connections very quickly. I'm trying to save on bandwidth too. :-)

But seriously, WHY???

It really is just an academic exercise to answer a question. Nothing nefarious. Most likely, in a few weeks, you'll never hear from again. And I really do like C++.

I have a question not answered here, or I'd like to file an abuse complaint.

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Last updated: March 31, 2016